Weekend open Thread: What's happening where you are?

Trump is giving pressers from his country club, and planning to try to use executive orders to stop mail-in ballots.

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This is the weekly open thread for you to jump in and talk about what’s happening where you are, and what you think of what’s going on right now everywhere else. So please jump in.

Donald Trump, in another stunt, signed legally dubious executive orders orders, including a payroll tax cut — which everyone across the political spectrum opposes, and it amounts to harming Social Security and Medicare — after Republicans in Congress wouldn’t agree to a coronavirus relief bill.

He made the announcement in his second briefing from his Bedminster Golf Club, where some members watched and didn’t wear mask.

Then he ran out before reporters could ask pertinent questions.

Trump is threatening to now use executive orders to stop mail-in ballots in the election in November — the sure sign of a desperate loser trying to cheat any way he can. As I wrote yesterday, the Postmaster General he installed is helping him to interfere in the election.

I did a lot of walking today in New York, met a friend for coffee and enjoyed the outdoor life of the city, which is buzzing. We feel good here with the coronavirus transmission remaining low. But also know it’s all so tenuous.

Tell me about what you’re doing and what’s happening where you are? Are people wearing masks? Have the people around you changed? Any news on defections from the Trump train?

Please jump in with your thoughts over the weekend, and I will too.