Another GOP extremist in Congress makes threat against a Democrat. Lots of worry over omnicron, and already the conspiracies are whipping up. Stephen Sondheim is dead.
We have vaccines. But a scary variant has emerged. Democrats have passed big legislation. But the forces of authoritarianism are on the horizon.
Anti-vax Covid victim loses both her legs. Still has no regrets.Listen now (2 min) | Joe from New Jersey said his friend still won't say she should have gotten vaccinated -- and still hasn't gotten the shot.
Rittenhouse verdict jolts nation. Hate groups hold him up as "hero." Far-right members of Congress cheer on a killer.
The pressure now shifts 100% to Senator Joe Manchin -- but really, to President Biden, to get it done.
Virginia man defends ivermectin: It's "not horse medicine"Listen now (4 min) | While discussing Aaron Rodgers lying about getting vaxxed, Steve oddly called in to criticize descriptions of ivermectin -- and re…
The right's actions -- censoring LGBTQ depictions, stomping out discussions of race & gender -- are right out of the Nazi playbook. Call it what it is.
Bannon is indicted. Will he see any jail time? Who's next? Appeals court stops vaccine mandate for businesses. Wisconsin governor orders 500 troops for…
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