It's become their code word to condemn Black people, queer people, anti-racists and the very idea of equality. Democrats should fully embrace the term.
It's ridiculous and unacceptable, exposing why Randy McNally needs to resign.
Kyrsten Sinema threatening the Democratic Party -- again. Trump in growing legal peril as he plots 2024. GOP House leaders' big, theatrical hearings are…
It not only is "Not Over." It's much, much worse. And GOP politicians are simply sloughing it off when their own sexual and gender hypocrisy is…
Ohio man excuses GOP, says "all politicians lie"Listen now (11 min) | Roger from Dayton also promoted the "Russiagate hoax." But offered no proof.
Tucker Carlson selectively used footage of 1/6 to make it seem like a tourist event. Marjorie Taylor Green says it is Democrats who are "domestic…
Ron DeSantis's Disney appointee suggested tap water turns people gay. Trump to blast RINOs at CPAC. Walgreens caves to extremists, won't distribute…
They claim in their cases it was all just done in fun. But that's the reason why anyone does drag. Yet again, Republican hypocrisy on full display.
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