Open thread: First presidential debate between Biden and Trump

Join in the discussion -- before, during, and after the debate.

As I write this we’re a couple of hours from the start of the debate in Cleveland. Please jump in with your thoughts in the comments before the debate, during the debate and after the debate.

There’s been lots of discussion about what Joe Biden needs to do and what Donald Trump will do. Just remember, most people have made up their minds.

Already, the Trump campaign made false claims, which are par for the course. As always they’re trying to freak out the other side — we know these lame actions by now. It won’t bother Biden at all. I’m sure he’s laughing.

The formula for Trump is to try to use this debate to turn around his sagging poll numbers. But he doesn’t know how to do that with facts, and only knows how to make personal attacks. And it seems like it will be hard for Trump to turn things around. He’s going to attack Biden’s family and rail about “law and order.”

But more so, he’s going to attack the election — the ballots — itself. His goal is to use to try to use this major platform to delegitimize the election, which he’s been doing for months, trying to steal it.

Biden has to be focused, presidential, and show leadership that is lacking in this country. But can’t let Trump get away with bullying him. He has to fight back, take on some of the lies (impossible to take on all of them) but at the same time he can’t let Trump sidetrack him.

For Biden it’s all about keeping the focus on Trump’s terrible record over four years, his abysmal response to coronavirus and now, his failure as a businessman his only having paid $750 in taxes for two years.

I’ll be jumping in to discuss during the debate and after. Let us know your thoughts!