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Weekend thread: What's happening?

How the cult of ivermectin has only grown

Why a Trump indictment is a disaster for the GOP

Weekend thread: What's going on?

There's a reason why conservatives won't define "woke"

Tennessee Lt. governor who "liked" gay man's nude pics has new statement

Weekend thread: What's happening?

I wanted to be so wrong in predicting the future on LGBTQ rights

Ohio man excuses GOP, says "all politicians lie"

Tuesday thread: Fox and GOP attempt to rewrite history of the insurrection

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Predictably, GOP politicians banning drag shows have had stints as drag queens

A PTSD expert explains the collective trauma of Trumpism

Weekend thread: What's happening?

MAGA woman says we talk too much about Trump

Nikki Haley -- and a great many Republicans -- aren't "competent" to hold office

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Fox execs, pundits knew it was a Big Lie. But they were trying to save their careers.

Thursday thread: Georgia grand jury seeks "appropriate indictments"

Surprise, most of us are ageist. But Biden will help people get over it.

Weekend thread: What's happening?

MAGA man claims there's no evidence balloons flew over U.S. under Trump

Thursday thread: GOP's Hunter Biden laptop investigation backfires

Biden comes out swinging in State of the Union address

Ask Mike anything!

Conservative caller defends Newsmax against being"canceled" from Direct TV

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Fox News doesn't care if gay men in Tennessee die

Living with and without cancer

George Santos stepping down from committees days after McCarthy defended him

Jim Jordan believes federal government should have no power -- except to investigate Hunter Biden

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The politics of Pope Francis' call to end the criminalization of homosexuality

Democrats should be fiercely defending Biden on classified documents

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Rep. Colin Allred of Texas on the GOP extremists in power

Ask Mike anything!

Matt Schlapp and the closet of power

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Georgia MAGA man decides to defend George Santos

Rep. Ritchie Torres on George Santos, Kevin McCarthy & the "inmates running the asylum"

No, Joe Biden didn't steal secret documents and refuse to return them

Weekend thread: What's going on?

CPAC chair Matt Schlapp accused of sexual assault by male Walker campaign staffer

Thursday thread: McCarthy caves to the extremists after losing six times.

How we dodged a bullet with the exposé of George Santos