Weekend thread: A school opened -- and shut down on day one.

Florida saw record number of Covid deaths in one day. And unemployment ran out for millions, due to GOP callousness. What's happening where you are?

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A school that re-opened in Indiana has already shut down — after day one. This is the future of any school in a place where coronavirus is exploding, and it is ludicrous to even think about re-opening schools until this pandemic is under control:

One of the first school districts in the country to reopen its doors during the coronavirus pandemic did not even make it a day before being forced to grapple with the issue facing every system actively trying to get students into classrooms: What happens when someone comes to school infected?

Just hours into the first day of classes on Thursday, a call from the county health department notified Greenfield Central Junior High School in Indiana that a student who had walked the halls and sat in various classrooms had tested positive for the coronavirus.

A right-wing Texas legislator who railed against statewide coronavirus restrictions as “socialism” has nearly died. How long will these people continue to live in denial?

Florida keeps breaking its single-day death toll every day. Donald Trump went there — not to address the crisis but to host a fundraiser — and tried to have a mini-rally at the airport. Real mini: only a few dozen people turned out.

And the GOP leadership in the Senate refused to vote on a relief package, allowing the $600 expanded unemployment benefits for millions to run out, and then tried to blame Democrats, as usual.

What is happening where you are? I’ll be jumping in over the weekend.