Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Biden has secured enough electors. Trump is speaking in Georgia as GOP melts down. And what are you watching on TV?

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An open thread for you all to jump and talk about what’s on your mind, and what you’re up to — with me just first throwing out a few bits of news you might want to discuss. Please join in with your thoughts, comments and what you’re dong this weekend.

President-elect Joe Biden has secured the necessary 270 electors as California certified its vote. Not that it changes anything in any deep way — except that the reckless outgoing president has been trying to overturn the election results even as he keeps hitting a wall with lawsuits that keep getting thrown out.

In a blow for Trump and the racists in the White House, a federal judge reinstated the DACA program. Trump is still waiting on other decisions and has 46 days left, so can do a lot of damage. But for now this is wonderful.

Trump is speaking tonight in Georgia, supposedly to campaign for the two Senate incumbent Republicans who are embattled, while some of his supporters are talking about sitting out the vote — having drank his poison about the presidential race being stolen. GOP leaders are in turmoil — trying to get the vote out while under attack by Trump — as Trump called the governor, Brian Kemp, this morning (whom he angrily dubbed a “moron” in recent days) to pressure him to get the legislature to overturn the Georgia election results. Kemp reportedly declined.

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We went out today and bought a giant wreath for over the fireplace, but decided against a tree this year. I asked the question on Twitter, if people were still decorating for the holidays (if they don’t have small children) since, with the pandemic, no one will be coming over — and wow, the more than 2000 replies are quite opinionated and include lots of photos! So what are you doing?

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Also, what are you watching on TV? We went through the whole season of “The Crown,” and it was fine — I mean it felt mandatory, since I was watching from the beginning. But I do think earlier seasons were far more interesting.

Watched all of “The Queens Gambit,” which I loved. And now watching “The Flight Attendant” — which is totally wild and a great escape. It’s a thriller/dark comedy — fun, and some good performances. We’re going to watch “Mank,” all about the making of “Citizen Kane,” tonight. Let me know what you’re watching, as I need things to watch!

Jump in and let us know what’s happening where you are, what you’re up to, how you’re coping with all the madness — including coronavirus shattering records — and any of these topics or other news. I’ll be joining in over the weekend.