Weekend Open Thread: What's happening where you are?

Coronavirus cases near 200K in one day. Joe Biden is undaunted, focusing on the pandemic. Trump is defiant, still trying to overturn the election.

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An open thread for you all to join in and talk about what’s happening this weekend. What are you up to, and what are the plans for Thanksgiving? (And please hit the “like” button on this post!).

A lot of people are staying put with those in their “bubble,” while others are going to visit parents or children, still keeping it small, short and socially-distant. I understand what everyone needs to do, in terms of visiting a parent who might be alone or seeing those they’ve not seen in months, and keeping it safe.

But then there are those who are still planning big Thanksgiving gatherings, and masks be damned. I don’t get it!

The 7-day average is a staggering 170,000 cases per day across the country and yesterday saw the highest number we’ve seen, over 198,000 cases. (Compare this to mid-summer’s surge, which saw the highest day at 70,000 cases). Hospitalizations and deaths are rising quickly now too. And it’s only going to get worse. I’m hoping the holiday doesn’t accelerate it, but I’m afraid it will.

I’m staying home with my husband. My brother, who lives near my mom, is going to visit her and have a very socially-distant dinner with the windows open and masks on when they’re not eating. Usually it would be a huge house full of people, but not this year.

President-elect Joe Biden is focused on the pandemic, gathering experts together and appointing people to positions in which they can take on the pandemic from day one and make sure we get promising vaccines distributed. But the General Services Administration is still blocking the transition funds, at Donald Trump’s behest, as Trump still hasn’t recognized the transition or allowed Biden ‘s COVID-19 advisory board to get vital access to information about the pandemic.

And Trump is still trying to overturn the election — even though he was dealt blows with Georgia’s certification for Biden and Michigan GOP lawmakers saying they wouldn’t do anything to overturn the election. He’s still tweeting like a madman, claiming voter fraud and attacking election officials. He’s promoting the most heinous conspiracy theories and emboldening his base.

Trump isn’t going to be able to steal this but he’s harming democracy and poisoning the electorate in ugly ways. And he’s trying to do whatever he can to set Biden up to fail, in addition to lashing out at Democrats, in revenge mode. We all have to remain very alert, as it’s not over until Biden is in the White House.

What’s happening where you are? Tell us about you’re up to this weekend, as we definitely all need a breather. And what’s going on with coronavirus? Are people continuing to ignore warnings where you are? I think here in New York City, where the public schools were closed, we will soon see indoor dining (which has only been at 25% capacity), gyms and hair salons shut back down.

And what are you doing this weekend and for Thanksgiving? Let us know your thoughts, and I’ll be jumping in over the weekend. Thanks!