Weekend open thread: What's going on where you are?

Trump is golfing. Deaths due to coronavirus are surging, as are cases. And under Bill Barr's orders, federal agents are pushing into Portland's streets and elsewhere.

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It’s worse every weekend when I begin this thread — a thread for everyone to jump into and discuss what’s happening. So please do.

The sociopath in the White House finally canceled the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, as the country sees over 1000 coronavirus deaths per day for the fourth straight day, the highest numbers per day since May. But the president decided to go to Bedminster, to his golf club, anyway.

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Hospitals are experiencing shortages everywhere. And instead of dealing the shortages and the testing that is so desperately needed, the Trump administration, led by Bill Barr at the Justice Department and with Homeland Security forces, is pushing federal agents further into Portland’s streets to attack protesters. And they announced this week their plan to go into other cities, under what they called “Operation Legend,” which seems very much a publicity stunt — even as it all reeks of fascism.

Let me know what’s happening where you are. Are you seeing people wearing masks? Are there further restrictions? What are governors doing? I’ll jump in over the weekend.