Weekend open thread: What's going on?

Pandemic Christmas. Trump burning everything down. And January 20 can't come sooner. What's happening where you are?

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An open thread — on what the calendar says is the last weekend of 2020 — for you to join in and talk about how horrible a year it was. Or talk about what you’re up to this weekend. Or anything else you want to jump in on.

Only the brutal year of 2020 could be one that actually doesn’t really end on December 31 when it’s supposed to — because the nightmare of Donald Trump goes on until January 20th.

And he’s going out by tearing everything down in the angry rage of losing the election. Trump spent all week pardoning hardened criminal cronies and murderers, throwing a wrench into a Covid relief bill that people desperately need (while he plays golf in Florida) and vetoing a must-pass defense spending bill that would defund the troops if the GOP doesn’t defy him and override the veto in a matter of days. Oh, and Trump may cause a government shut down on Monday because the spending bill is tied in with the relief bill he refuses to sign.

Eviction protections also die next week without the relief bill passing, and unemployment runs out today for millions. Democrats rapidly took up Trump’s demand of $2000 checks — his claim for not signing the bill — to get this bill passed, and the GOP shot it down.

So many people have suffered through Christmas, not knowing how they will get food or pay rent. And then there is the isolation — and the sickness and death — of the relentless coronavirus pandemic.

We stayed home, just the two of us — as did the rest of my family which would normally gather at my mother’s for Christmas Eve and the Italian fish feast, and then Christmas Day— while my 82-year-old mom sadly spent Christmas alone.

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But we’d all rather it that way than putting mom at risk, as I know is the case with many of you. I’ve heard so many stories close to home recently of families who maybe let their guard down, or just couldn’t escape the virus, and saw it spread through their entire families, from younger people and then cause illness and tragic deaths among older people or those with underlying conditions.

One friend is recovering from Covid after having brought his father to the hospital — both his mother and father, in their 70s, had become infected — and decided to stay at the hospital as long as he could because he was afraid if he left they wouldn’t let him back in ICU, and felt bad leaving his father alone. He wore two masks, and yet still got infected, and realized it would have been better for everyone if he’d gone home. Thankfully, they’re all recovering.

I’m thankful this year that I was able to work from home, and broadcast my SiriusXM show — a privilege to speak with people across the country each weekday — and connect with many who were in lockdown as well those who were working on the front lines, and calling us in their down time, doing all the amazing and courageous work throughout these 10 months.

The same is true of everyone here. I began The Signorile Report shortly after the pandemic and the lockdowns began, as people calling my show were saying they felt isolated and wanted more ways to connect. It’s been a lifeline for me, too, just like the show, and and so glad to have you all here — thank you!

Now, what are you thinking about all the big news, or what are you up to this weekend? How was the holiday? Join the discussion, and I’ll be jumping back in over the weekend as well.