Weekend open thread: What is happening?

Joe Biden is urgently warning about coronavirus. Trump is still in denial about the election. His rabid supporters are rallying in Washington.

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An open thread for you to discuss what’s going on where you are, and what you’re up to this weekend.

Coronavirus is exploding at the most frightening rate we’ve seen, with over 180,000 cases in yesterday. It’s happening everywhere, and I know you’re all coping with it, so please let us know what’s happening. Are people wearing masks? Are restrictions back in place? What are are seeing and hearing?

President-elect Joe Biden implored Trump to do something about it, while Trump decided to have a press conference touting vaccine research that his team wasn’t even involved in — before he was off to another weekend of golf.

Trump is still fighting election counts in states though he’s lost his lawyers, had setbacks in every court case and has now put Rudy Giuliani in charge. What could go wrong?

Today his supporters — including white supremacist and hate groups — are rallying in DC, and he even waved to them — on his way to playing golf. It was billed as a “Million Maga March” but they’re lucky if a few thousand people showed up.

I’m trying to chill out this weekend after the roller coaster of the last two weeks. But who can really relax with the pandemic surging the way it is, and with no leadership from the White House and president in denial and refusing to leave?

Tell us what’s going on where you are and what you’re up, what you’re thinking and feeling. I’ll jump in through the weekend.