Weekend open thread: What are you up to?

Trump is on a desperate rampage. Coronavirus is surging. Biden is making his closing arguments.

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It’s 17 days before the election— wow! —and here’s another weekend open thread for you to jump in and discuss what’s going on where you are, and what you’re thinking and feeling.

Trump is on the rampage on the campaign trail, pleading with women to vote for him, leading chants against Joe Biden to “Lock him up!”, and actually telling his supporters that if he loses he “may have to leave the country.” That’s exciting — but wait, we want to prosecute him and his family!

Biden is competitive in states that weren’t even in the cards, like Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Iowa. And more people tuned into Biden’s town hall on ABC than tuned to all three NBC-owned networks for Trump — which you know is killing Trump. Biden has been on the campaign trail making closing arguments that are all about bringing the country together, staying the course until Election Day — and urging that people continue to stay engaged and not get complacent.

I don’t think anyone actually is complacent — the enthusiasm is through the roof — but we do have to work harder, make any wins as big as possible. All may be looking good, but no matter, this is going to be a slog, battling attacks on the election. And Democrats must win back the Senate and right all the wrongs of the Trump era — including on this travesty of a Supreme Court nomination.

Meanwhile, we’ve reached a new record in many states on coronavirus as a fall surge threatens to bring case numbers per day back up to what they were in summer — all due to the Trump’s homicidal negligence.

What’s happening where you are and what are you thinking about? Have you been voting and do you have a plan? A what’s the coronavirus situation where you are?

I’ll be dipping in and out of the discussion. But right now, I’m finishing up cooking a great honeynut squash soup and can’t wait to have it. Looking forward to hearing what you’re up to.