Weekend open thread: Are people wearing masks?

A lot of news dropped on Friday night. And now as coronavirus surges in states, some states and cities are making masks mandatory.

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With a huge spike in coronavirus cases in 23 states, states like California are now requiring masks, as are cities and counties in other places. Are people wearing them?

So much happened last night and this morning: John Bolton’s book will be published, as a federal judge ruled Trump couldn’t stop him, but he may lose his $20 million dollar advance.

Attorney general William Barr tried to fire Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney at the powerful Southern District of New York. But Berman, who was investigating Rudy Giuliani’s associates and Giuliani himself, refuses to resign. This is obstruction of justice, again, and Barr should be impeached.


You are welcome to weigh in on and discuss those and other stories in this open thread, but I’d also love to know if people are wearing masks where you are. As Trump’s rally in Tulsa goes on, Oklahoma — as well as Arizona, Texas and Florida — are seeing a surge in coronavirus cases.

In Arizona, the governor relented and allowed cities to enforce mask-wearing. Phoenix is now requiring masks. Tell me if it’s happening there and in other places requiring masks. There’s also worry that people will get complacent in New York with cases down, and abandon social distancing and wearing masks. Join in the discussion on this or any other issue let us know what’s going on.