Weekend open thread: 23 days until the election!

Biden is maintaining a wide lead in polls, while Trump is back to his rallies though it's not clear he's not contagious.

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Hope it’s been a good weekend for all!

Here’s another thread for you to discuss what’s going on where you are this weekend, how you’re feeling about things, and yes, the latest in this anxiety-provoking election as we’re in the final weeks. So please join in!

Donald Trump gave his first public speech since his coronavirus illness, speaking for 18 minutes (when he was supposed to speak for 30 minutes, signaling he’s still not up to his normal energy levels) from the Truman balcony of the White House, invoking the image of the fascist Mussolini. The White House claimed this was an official event and not a campaign event. But it was all about the campaign, and speaking to a MAGA black group, at which Trump ludicrously and ridiculously repeated his claim that he’s the greatest president for Black people since Abraham Lincoln.

Though a president or vice president can’t be in violation of the Hatch Act (a law which must be changed to include the president and vice president), all other White House employees can, and this was another horrendous misuse of the White House to promote his election campaign, just as was the Republican National Convention.

Trump is scrambling, having pushed his doctors to clear him to go back out on the campaign trail, though that same doctor — Sean Conley — has given very little information to the public, has signed non-disclosure agreements with Trump along with other doctors, and misled the media on the severity of Trump’s coronavirus infection from the start.

The public views Trump as even more reckless and dangerous, and Joe Biden continues to maintain or widen his lead in the polls. A new ABC/Washington Post poll has him with a double-digit lead — 12% — in line with other national polls, as he maintains a lead in key state polls.

But three weeks are still left in this campaign and no one can rest — especially as we need to see Democrats win the Senate back and expand the House, so Biden can swiftly undo the dangerous actions Trump has put in place.

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And coronavirus cases are now surging to their highest daily numbers nationally since August, as this federal government and states have failed to stem the epidemic as we head into fall and cases are rising dramatically.

I’ve taken a few days off (back on my SiriusXM show on Tuesday), visiting with family, out in the country. It’s been interesting to see many Biden-Harris signs through rural and industrial Pennsylvania and up through rural New York State. And near Scranton, we came upon a big billboard on the highway, which depicted a man saying, “I’m Republican. I’m Pro-Live. I’m Voting Biden.” It was put there by the group Republican Voters Against Trump. And it was good to see, as I know it has to infuriate Trump supporters!

But yes, there was also the burnt out, poverty-stricken town of doom and gloom in southwestern New York, where everyone — everyone! — had a Trump flag on their lawns, in between the homes and stores that were completely abandoned and boarded up. Poor white people voting against their own interests, conned by Trump’s promises, while likely inspired by his hate and division. A lot of work still left to do in this country.

What’s happening where you are? What are you thinking about? Please jump into the discussion with your thoughts on the news, or your plans this weekend, or how you’re feeling. And I’ll join in too throughout the rest of the weekend.