Open thread: Vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence

Join in the discussion before, during and after the debate.

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This is an open thread for all of you to discuss it all before, during and after tonight’s vice presidential debate. So jump in!

I can’t believe the flimsy plexiglass barriers being used — and that Mike Pence didn’t even want anything, under orders from Donald Trump I’m sure. There’s no reason why they need to even be in the same room.

As far as the debate, Pence obviously has a lot to defend — the entire Trump era, as well as his own leadership as the head of the Coronavirus Task Force.

Senator Kamala Harris doesn’t need to aim high. She and Joe Biden are winning, and she doesn’t need to make any big blow — just point out the truth, as she and Joe Biden have been, and stay the course.

Pence will likely go after Harris on her record, and try to portray her as some leftist she-devil (which is far from the case), trying to deflect and change the subject. She needs to defend against that but not get bogged down, and bring it back to Trump and his record and Pence’s complicity.

Let me know your thoughts before, during and after the debate. I’ll be jumping in throughout the night and tomorrow as well.