BidenHarris2020: Open thread

What do you all think?

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My belief, as I discussed on my SiriusXM show today, is that the party voted in primaries and decided on Joe Biden. That may not have satisfied everyone, but he is the candidate and we must defeat Donald Trump. Our future, and the lives of future generations, are on the line. There is no debating this. We must defeat Trump.

Powerfully, a lot of the Democratic Party came together, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren working with Biden on issues and advising him. Ultimately the most important thing is to defeat Donald Trump. But if they can make the new administration as progressive as possible, all the better.

Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate. Again, some will dislike her positions in the past or whatever — as I heard from a few callers on the show today (while many others were very excited). But among the choices before Biden, she electrifies the ticket the most, gives it energy it needs, and makes history. And like others, she’s shown she’s both committed to defeating Trump and moving forward with where the Democratic Party base has moved — where the country has moved — and where it is going.

Let’s do this!

But what do you all think?