Caller tried to compare Jan 6th terror attack to BLM protestsListen now (10 min) | VJ from New Jersey claimed many police were killed at Black Lives Matter protests, but couldn't name any
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GOP claims Democrats are obsessed with Jan 6th. But it's the GOP promoting the Big Lie, and thus the Capitol assault
Florida explodes with Covid. White House may go back to urging mask mandates. Delta variant is taking its toll.
They claim to have used tracking info from Grindr. And it raises a lot of questions, including who is behind it.
Caller claims Trump showed "extreme compassion"-- but can't give examplesListen now (7 min) | Discussing Covid, Steve from PA tried to change the subject, then said, "I gotta go."
In the past three weeks we learned of two violent domestic terror plots by Trump supporters to overthrow the government
Covid cases surge. President Biden tells Facebook it's "killing people." Facebook hits back.
A Texas hero explains the urgency of the momentListen now (16 min) | James Talarico, one of Texas Democrats shining a light on GOP authoritarianism, explains, "We are out of time in Texas."
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Politically-driven anti-vax lies warrant mandating Covid vaccines Listen now (5 min) | A caller to my SiriusXM show, David from Pittsburgh, proves the point.
Charlottesville confederate statues removed. Biden calls Putin with a warning. Schumer threatens to cut short Senate recess.