About The Signorile Report

The Signorile Report is written by me, Michelangelo Signorile.

It compliments the work I’ve done as a journalist and columnist for many years. I expose hate and take on the right-wing extremists—often confronting them in sometimes epic jousting. I take on the more shallow, complacent and cowering members of the corporate media — and yes, publicly argue with a them too. I push against the increasingly vile Republican agenda, and, as a gay advocate, I fight for LGBTQ equality.

Beating back the bigots, on and off the air.

The Signorile Report is also an extension of my national radio program, “The Michelangelo Signorile Show,” broadcast each weekday (3-6 ET) on SiriusXM Progress, channel 127. That’s where I offer in-depth analysis on the big news of the day from a progressive point of view. I also interview authors, journalists, activists, progressive leaders, governors, mayors, members of Congress and other political and cultural figures.

I speak with listeners who call in from across the country, too, as we foster an on-air community of many who are like-minded on politics — from those deep in rural and small town America to those in the biggest urban centers.

And yes, I take calls from Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters too, who I invite to debate — but often I just have to aggressively pummel their batshit crazy propaganda. Just happens sometimes. Anyone is free to call, but they should expect to be challenged, as this is a propaganda-free zone.

Some of those calls are posted here on The Signorile Report, as are some of the more enlightening and intelligent interviews from the program.

Sharpening skills, hitting hard, getting satisfaction.

If you subscribe, you’ll receive commentary, analysis and original reporting, sent to your email box several times a week, as well as connect in online discussion groups here, with me and others on issues that interest and concern us. You’ll also hear highlights from my radio program, including those sometimes heated discussions. (All of this sent to your email throughout the week.)

And listening to someone take on the Trumpers can not only help sharpen skills; it’s also enormously satisfying in these times!

A way to connect with people who think like you.

This a place where people connect from across the country, finding community and a sense of purpose.

On my show, for example, women who suddenly found their husbands were or became Trump supporters, came together, connecting through the show, and then moving to online forums. (I also interviewed many of these listeners for an article I wrote, which you can read here.) It’s the kind of community on the radio program, with people relying upon one another, that I strive to nurture here as well.

Join us and be part of the discussion, working with others, supporting one another and helping to change America.

About me

I began my work as a journalist and commentator, co-founding the revolutionary queer weekly, OutWeek in 1989, where I soon became immersed at the center of what Time magazine rather dubiously called “outing” — all for critiquing journalists on how and why they didn’t expose closeted hypocrites when it was relevant to a larger story.

I’ve written much about that debate within journalism and activism in my first book “Queer in America,” and have covered the LGBTQ rights movement in four more books including 2015’s “It’s Not Over,” which presaged the Trump era and predicted that rights would be stripped even as many had come to believe that victory had been fully achieved, what I dubbed, “victory blindness.”

I’ve worked over the years as an editor-at-large for The Advocate, editor-at-large Out magazine, and more recently, from 2011 through 2019, as editor at large for HuffPost. I’ve written for many publications, including The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, USA Today, The New York Times, NBC.com, the LA Timess and Tbe Boston Globe.

Since 2003, I’ve been a radio host on SiriusXM, hosting a show each weekday and covering progressive politics and the larger issues affecting progressives beyond LGBTQ rights. In many ways I’ve taken those perspectives, analyses and tactics I pioneered in the queer rights movement and brought them to the larger cause for progressive political change in this country.