For too long, LGBTQ advocates have dismissed the idea. Now one civil rights attorney admits he was wrong about that.
Will Garland arrest Bannon? Democrats finalizing Biden's agenda -- we hope. The terrible shooting on the set of Baldwin's film.
The GOP's open embrace of autocracyListen now (19 min) | The defense of Bannon -- and January 6th - shows Trump in complete control, emulating autocrats. Authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben…
Anti-mandate arguments just get more idiotic Listen now (5 min) | James from North Carolina claims he's "going to choose" to get vaccinated. But government shouldn't make him.
From Powell's legacy on Iraq to what his death means amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the distortions are abounding
Taking a break, back on Tuesday
Coach Jon Gruden's resignation after homophobic emails were exposed isn't progress. It reflects that little has changed in the league.
Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Jasmine Beach-Ferrara Listen now (17 min) | The pastor and activist is taking on the insurrectionist-defending Rep. Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina's 11th Congressional d…
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