It's been a while, but I'm sure you have some burning questions. I'll try to answer all within reason.
Influential hypocritical men seeking same-sex interactions often exploit their authority over male subordinates
GOP plan revealed on holding debt ceiling hostage. Walls closing in on George Santos. says Biden is facing "worst political crisis of his…
Georgia MAGA man decides to defend George SantosListen now (5 min) | He claimed others were as bad as Santos. Before he gave an example, I agreed that yes, Trump, was a serial liar, but Santos is…
Rep. Ritchie Torres on George Santos, Kevin McCarthy & the "inmates running the asylum"Listen now (14 min) | The gay Democrat from the Bronx has been on fire, in Congress and on social media.
The right-wing echo chamber is trying to vindicate Donald Trump for crimes. And media reporting is giving them lots of fodder.
McCarthy becomes speaker after caving to extremists. Violence almost breaks out in Capitol, two years after insurrection. Will other Republicans now…
The radical right conference has been a platform for homophobic hate, and bile against LGBTQ people. Another anti-gay hypocrite is exposed.
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